About Us

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Meet the Tricky Pixers!

Tricky Pix was started by two sisters who loves parties.  Shawna is an animator, and after learning about stop-motion animation and practical special effects at California Institute of the Arts, she decided to apply these illusionist techniques to celebrations.  Alyssa is an illustrator with a flair for the theatric, and enjoys spreading her love of art anyway she can.

Serving the Southern Alberta area, the Tricky Pix team is determined to bring an animated flair to parties of all kinds.  When you sign up for a Tricky Pix Party, you can expect a singular celebration experience that is different every time.  Each activity incorporates both the direction of an instructor, as well as suggestions from the participants.  Tricky Pix travels to anywhere in Calgary, Okotoks or the surrounding area. All that is required is a large enough space to move around comfortably, or, better yet, a big backyard on a sunny day. Don’t hesitate to email or call with any questions about space sizes.